jeudi 17 novembre 2011

Quand je serai grand je serai......

..... Pompier.....

2 commentaires:

  1. ohhhh mes parents ont pris le même pour le cricket à Noël !!

  2. Well ,you could have blown me over with a feather...HETU is a RING in WASHINGTON with RICK?
    You gotta be kidding.
    HETU is with the MOBANGO in the WHAMBANGO and he's with IRENE?
    Is it not amazing that these two people came from the WORST scenario a child could ever "develop" in?
    BOTH were A students despite the fact BOTH mothers were dying from terrible cancers.
    And who picks them up Andes SS them on their way?
    They know what they are doing.
    They were " cultured" and had " etiquette" and spoke at least two languages when they were kids.
    By now, I 'm sure they have a their or fourth, just like NATALIE.
    But REMY?
    The BUMMYCHE with FRED?
    A complete LOSER!
    But they loved to run in the " power" crowd".
    And so, VERMONT with ROOT and YONLINGO 77 with ROBERT GATES!
    And the QUEEN, just as BUMMYCHE as the rest of them, felt comfortable with hick idiot JEB.
    All in a ring of RICK'S SETAIN.